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And that is 3!

For he's a jolly good Fellow!…. And so say all of us! We're having a double party. As September 18th, my son Emiel celebrates his 17th Birthday! And for the second time I will present him a book. One of which he is the co-creator himself. The first book in English: 'Emiel, Doplhy and the Crystal Castle.'

Last year, on his fathers birthday, December 2nd, I presented the Dutch version of the children's book: 'Emiel, Dolphy and the Crystal Castle' to my son Emiel. Co-creator of this beautiful book. Soon the requests came from my now larger foreign colleague / group of friends; if the book was available in English also!!

No, it wasn't. So ...... a new challenge arose .... and see!!

This coudn't have been realised without help. So deep gratitude for Paul Steur's help for translating it into English and the computer cover design, so that it could go to the publisher. Gratitude to Barbara Tresidder Ryan for checking the American/English translation. 

I would like to thank Kaiyann Isa for her wonderful review on this book. Despite her busy life, she has found time to write this review.

And finally I want to express my gratitude to Emiel. Thanks in part to him, the first book was created. Who could have imagined 11 years ago that the stories that were created before going to sleep would turn into a children's book? However, Emiel said it back then already: "My mother is writing a book!" But that a children's book of the two of us would come onto the market and then also in English?

No…. not created… .. it came naturally…. by telling the stories…. by writing them down .... by going along with the flow…. to make drawings ... to create ... to dream ... ... to use talents ... dare to ask for help ... .. And now here is ... .. The English version of "Emiel, Dolphy and the Crystal Castle".

Available from September 18th, 2019 through our site. Or if you like, you can come and collect it yourself. Of course with a cup of coffee or tea with a cookie or so. You can also decide to have a quick look at my other books. Because there are now 3 !!

To order books written by Ellen:

Diagnosis Huntington: Autobiography, published on March 29th, 2018

Emiel, Dolfi en het Kristallen Kasteel: Children's Reading Book, published on December 2, 2018

Emiel, Dolphy and the Crystal Castle: English version Children's Reading Book, will be presented and published on September 18th, 2019. Afterwards for sale via the site.

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