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diamondsouls sataya

Why Diamond Souls? Simple, because it fits.

We'd like to share the texts underneath about Diamond Souls. We found these texts after we received the name Diamond Souls als the one for our enterprise, and they appeared with Divine Timing. We share the Diamond Light from Unconditional Love, from the connection with our God and Goddess energies and the connection with our own Diamond Soul, to spread more Love and Light into this World. We are more than happy to help you to have your own Diamond Soul shine and sparkle. So you can BE who you really are!

  • The Diamond Soul is a soul who has done many wonderful, helpful things in past life to help others and many good deeds. The Diamond Soul is a soul that is pure, beautiful and has a treasure inwardly. The souls vibration has an inner wealth, value, brilliance, unity, divine love and is very refined. The Diamond Soul is an evolved soul. It is a symbol that your soul is strong and durable.
  • The Diamond Soul has an ability with crystals and is able to use them to channel energy for healing.
  • The Diamond Soul carries 7 rays of colorful light which can be recognized as the colors in a rainbow. They are also associated with the 7 major chakra’s. The Diamond Soul carries 7 beams of light which come from the energy of their inner “Diamond”(inner spirit of reflection). The Diamond Soul has gifts of energy which may be considered “rays of golden healing energy”.
  • The Diamond Soul has a strong connection with the Goddess/God energies.
  • By following the guidance of “Your Diamond Soul” and by listening for opportunities and then acting on the opportunities presented to you, you will be put on a path which will be illuminated by your inner light. As a result, you will become lighter, brighter, and enlightened while on your life’s journey. You will never be in the dark as you always will have this inner light of guidance with you. The Diamond Soul does represent a strong, radiant and beautiful soul that is bright brilliant and shines through taking the opportunities when given to shine its light to the world.

Sungazing Egypte

It's not about becoming someone else,
but to become the real you.