I've been walking this beautiful Mother Earth some time already, helping both children and adults. First as a nurse in several hospitals, and self employed since 2006, after quitting the hospital. Several people crossed my path through my enterprise "The Diamond". My sitting chamber was filled regularly with people interested in the evenings with readings on several subjects. I have also met beautiful people during workshops and training sessions in the realms of self realization and consciousness, creating mirrors for each other.

High Sensitivity was already with me as a child, although I could not place it at the time. As a result I have put it away for a long time. Subconsciously, as I followed my heart anyway. And sometimes I made choices not comprehended by others, not even my parents. It always felt right, however, and in hindsight I can see that all these choices have guided me to where I am now. And this sensitivity also makes that I can't work any other way than intuitively. I am guided by my inner source, that knows all and contains all Wisdom.

Through several courses, workshops, trainings and educations I rediscovered this source deep within me. I approached my true self more and more through meditation, spiritual awareness, chakra-work, numerology, more than one massage trainings, Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®),a number of Angel workshops, an education to Psycho Energetic Therapist, for Cosmic & Flower, tantra, sound and sound healing…. .

And my true purpose of BEING here on this Earth is to spread LOVE and LIGHT. To contribute to the New Earth Energy. In order for everyone to be, here and now, in Peace and Harmony. It is telling that songs like “Aquarius” by The 5th Dimension and “Harmony” by the Ray Conniff Singers continue to touch my Heart. And that's why it is so important to spread and fulfill this mission.

And as from June 2015 I can do that together with my Twin Soul! What a Beautiful Present I was given on my boat trip to the Dolphins. I was allowed to be there, again listening to my heart, a "Calling' from deep within. Yes, to swim with the Dolphins, but also for a big transformation. Because that was the information I was "given". A transformation with a huge impact on my life. Not knowing I would contact my Twin Soul from within a heart-meditation, who was also on that boat. Not with my brain, not with my thinking mind (which happens to rear its head regularly) but just feeling and allowing to manifest what happened in my heart. Resulting in unexplainable events, events I don't even want to explain, as these events are a part of the Big Plan, in which we are all play our part. These are the presents in life. Although this happened to be a very big present! And I could only be grateful, But also a gift that would turn my life upside down, as at that time I was married to the father of our beautiful son. Though deep in my heart I know this change was coming. And that change has happened. My then-husband and I managed to end our relation in Love and Harmony, so we could all continue on our separate ways for which we are here on this Earth. To be able to work on our Life's assignment, each in his or her on way. So that lead The Diamond practice to appear in different locations during the resulting period.

My own Diamond needed to be shaved and polished from time to time also. But as my Twin Flame crossed my path, it became clear that the practice name was about to change too. And that was a present as wel. As by magic the name Diamond Souls popped up, and that name is the name I now use to continue my, our, activities.
What makes me happy the most, is singing in the Language of the Light. Light Language. A language almost unexplainable in words. A language to be felt with and from within the Heart. And I can sing this Light Language from my Heart only. And that is what I can and may bring further into this world. Singing and Sounding in the Light Language, connecting people with the Sound from the Heart. Opening Hearts with Sound. Healing Sounds especially for you or for special occasions.

From October 2017 Paul and I live together on a beautiful spot in Arnhem, were we welcome you for a cup of coffee and a listening ear. But also for an individual (Skype) session, a walk across National Park 'De Hoge Veluwe' (our back yard :-) ), a healing sound bath, a workshop, a training or an evening with a theme. You are more than Welcome. Another possibility is for me to come to you, to arrange an 'evening', alone or with Paul.

March 29th 2018: I presented my first book! With this book I take you on s tour through my life (the book is an auto-biography) and how I dealt with the medical diagnosis "carrier of the Huntington gen', a hereditary disease. How I turned my life around in a positive way and connected the medical work with the spiritual realm. And also how my thinking changed, as the way I looked at events, and my personal development as a result thereof. Please feel yourself invited to check out the foreword and the reactions to my book on this site.

Who expects nothing, much is given.