Put on each others path by the Dolphins, is how our story starts.

And there you are, together on a boat called Sea Dream, near the Sataya Reaf in Egypts Red Sea. To swim with the Dolphins. Because that was the purpose of this 'Holiday', right? Egypt, country of Gods and Goddesses. With a string presence of Atlantean and Lemurian Energies. Palpable energies, from long, long ago. That energy, the recognition of these old energies, that eventually brought us together. In Atlantean times the Dolphins had a conscious telepathic communication with humans. They had a role as Oracles and advisors. By following the call of the Dolphins, the "Calling" of out Hearts, we were both connected on an energetic level. Because when our Hearts connected on the physical level too, the energetic connection was so noticeable to both others and us, that we had no choice but to follow in that connection. Though following in tight energetic connection was not as simple as it seems, as many little voices reared their heads, and: "You cannot do this", " You are in a relation", " You are married" and "You have children" were just some of the voices we both heard in our own heads.

But what happend on an energetic level, went over our minds and heads. Although we tried to stay "sensible", the feeling of this renewed connection was just to strong. So much recognition; the feeling that everything fell into place and just to BE

To heal the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in ourselves, in order to create Unity. Now is the time for each of us to meet his or her Twin Flame. Then we can close the Sacred Marriage with each other and with ourself. And that is why we have been put on this joined path. To carry the Unconditional Love and Diamond Light further into the world. We will be doing this through Workshops in Divine Relationships and through Sound Healings.

Under the name DIAMOND SOULS we are offering our Activities, Soul to Soul Soundings and Travels. Feel free to browse our site… Would you like to know what we've been doing before the two fo us met and where we come from, please read our separate pages "Paul" Paul and Ellen. We look forward to meeting you!!

With Unconditional Love and Diamond Light,


The most beautiful day of your life is the day
you decide that your life is yours, and yours alone.

As a little extra we have included a small video clip, made during our June 2015 trip to the Dolphins in the Red Sea, near the Sataya Reef.
Our thanks go out to Peter Gilsing for making this video clip. The beautiful song Lamb by Gorecki is very apt for what happened. And our thanks go out to Monique Bronner from Dolphin-Air also, for placing this clip on Youtube.