My name is Paul Steur. Born in Amsterdam, 1961. I found myself again on the path of self-realization via some de-tours, after having walked this path as a teenager. One could also call it awakening.

My "3D-career" consists mainly of figures and management: helping government organizations to comply with the rules. Budgets, reports, accounts.. To inform the stakeholders: Board members, civilians, other authorities...

I always thought that this was satisfactory for me, adequate at least. Until I had an assignment that was more taxing, and my management skills were fully needed: the re-organization of a department stuck in relations and history. After about a year, in which we as a team succeeded in this transformation, I realized that helping other people to feel (a lot) better (at work, at home, with themselves) gave me much more satisfaction.

The foundation for this is the genuine attention for our fellow humans, true compassion for any situation this human is in. Empathy, being open, listening and respect our a couple of terms resonating strongly with this. I realized that I have always brought these qualities to the work I was doing and still can do.

In the year 2009 I came into contact with the goal-achiever program by Bob Proctor. This got me in contact with the concept that the Universe is listening to us. And even if all of this was utter nonsense, at least it got me a lot more conscious about who I am and what I want. What makes me happy. Which used to be a lot of material stuff: an English Mansion, a number of different (of course expensive) cars, a beautiful boat, my own swimming pools, inside as well as outside, etcetera etcetera.

And that brought me to courses on self-development. Getting conscious about how easy it is to copy 'successful' people, finding my power animal as wel as understanding what that means for me, dancing like a dervish, finding old blockages and lifting them through Love, experiencing the magic that resides in all of us, seeing the effects of my actions or the lack thereof and meditating again. Realizing that I was already practicing all of this as a teenager….

Later again I started to study the power of sound. In fact everything around us in the known (and probably also the unknown) universes consists of (sound)waves. Just read what we mention on this subject on the other pages of our site, or watch this short movie (1 of 3). And I found out that my own voice (and anybodies voice, really) can have the same effects, joined with focussed intention. Even stronger, voices together in Harmony give an effect that is clearly greater than the sum of its parts.

And what is true for sound(waves), is also true for the waves our brains produce. Just look at the experiments by Masuru Emoto about our mind's influence of, for instance, water. And thinking of the amount of water in our body. And the for me shocking realization what kind of effect my thinking would have on my surroundings, humans, animals, plants…. So not only having the responsibility for my own words, but even so and perhaps more important, my own thoughts!

And through some spontaneous questions from fellow travellers, I found out that my hands (apparently) give a good massage. All this happened in 2014, my first week 'holiday' on a boat near the Sataya reef (Egypt). I was asked if I could give some neck-shoulder-back massages. Well, a bit awkward to start, but really quickly 'feeling' where my hands would be most effective. And not only for my fellow travelers, but also for the captain and the owner of the boat. It later occurred to me I had read a book in 1978 about 'healing hands'. Pfff….

One of the best realizations this all gave me, was that wishing for something gives (temporary) gratitude and pleasure, even some when the item is actually in possession. But once it actually and really is in possession the gratitude and pleasure wears off really quick. So.. Possession is not the answer apparently. Happiness doesn't come from possessing (a lot of) stuff..

So I found out that the work I had always done, didn't give me half as much of the satisfaction I found in working with people, from the adagium that strangers are as yet unknown friends, and from the possibly 'hippie' statement that 'all-is-one'. And that, from that perspective, I can not only take all of this into my "3D work", but can expand this into my work with Ellen, all based on Unconditional Love.

Ellen, whom I met in 2015 on my second trip to the Dolphins at the Sataya Reef, Egypt, and experienced a true Twin Flame connection. And yes, at that point I was still married to the mother of three very beautiful souls. Suffice to say I was completely unprepared for the experience of that connection and the changes resulting thereof. All the little voices reared their heads, as if by magic… Ultimately, the dissolving of this marriage tool until December 2017, even though the intention of Love and Light was at the base of this process.

Should you wish to know more about Twin Flames: the internet is abundant with articles on this subject. You could of course come and talk to one or both of us, or attend a workshop also.

So, the work together with Ellen consists of promoting and conveying the energy that radiates from the unconditional Twin Flame connection, in courses, trainings and workshops we offer. Aimed at meditation, massages, consciousness, coaching, the power of sound, sound healing, intentions and the power of out thoughts.

Grown curious? Have I, have we raised your interest? Then please read on on this site and contact us if we can be of any assistance.

In my opinion
Happiness on this world
can only be conveyed
after personal experience.