Portugal october 2019

En we mogen verder reizen dit jaar. Op uitnodiging van vrienden zijn we ook nog een weekje in Portugal geweest. Waar wij dachten ‘gewoon even te relaxen’ zijn we op uitzonderlijk mooie en bijzondere (kracht) plaatsen (Alcobaça, Batalha, Fatima, Obidos en Tomar) geweest. Waar wij van de ene verbazing en verrassing in de andere vielen.  En zoals je van ons gewend bent, kunnen wij niet anders dan onze helende klanken laten horen. Zodat de Christos-Sophia energie die geactiveerd is, mede door opening van het Galactisch portaal in de Callanish Stone Circle, tijdens de reis door Schotland en het Nieuwe Aarde Grid op steeds meer plekken verankerd kan worden. We delen onze klanken natuurlijk weer graag met jullie. En nemen je mee naar het warme Portugal.

Alcobaça (Monastery )


The Monastery of Alcobaça is a Cistercian monastery from the 12th century. The monastery but also the church are, given their size, but also the architecture and the beautiful materials that have been used beautifully to visit. It is for good reason that they have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1989. And since 2007 also voted one of the seven wonders of Portugal. We were surprised and our jaws dropped several times and not only to make sound!!

De refectory

Batalha (Sacristy of the Cathedrale


Where Alcobaça surprised us in so many beautiful ways, the next day we arrived in Batalha, another surprise was waiting for us. An impressive cathedral in all its glory and beautiful light reflections of the stained glass windows on the ground. Once again we were struck by spaces, building styles and architecture. It's difficult to describe what a beauty you see here, so we decided to let you hear it.

Rainbow Light in the Church of Batalha

Tomar (Stad van de Tempeliers)


To make our visit complete, our friends had taken us to whatever is a highlight for them every time they visit. The city of the Templars, Tomar. Well, nothing wrong about that! Also here is a beautiful and special building that has been beautifully and well restored. The Convento de Christ is so impressive that is difficult to get a good picture. You have to experience and see for yourself. But there were many more spaces that made us "quiet"! But of course not completely silent…. of course we shared our sounds and we have not gone unnoticed. Several films and recordings have been made ... so if you come across us on one or another channel .... you never know. We are grateful that people stand still to listen and that they take the sounds into their hearts.

Convento de Christ

Israël September 2019

Who would have thought at the beginning of this year, that we would go to Israel as well, The Holy Land. We have now returned , after acting on the invitation from friends we met during our trip through Taiwan earlier this year. Israel, a place on earth with a long history. With a long story. With a message. But also a place where memories from long ago were allowed to surface once more. We've been touched in our Hearts by the energy in beautiful and special places (Old Jaffa, Acre, Nazareth, Masada, Qumran, Jerusalem and especially Magdala).But also as a result of meeting beautiful people. We would like to give you an impression of this remarkable country through the harmonious sounds of our voices.

Magdala (Duc in Altum)


If there is one place in Israel that touched us deeply, it must be Magdala. The birthplace of Mary Magdalene. It is (or at least was) not with that name on the map, nor was it in our travel guide, but fate took us by the hand and led us towards this place!! The 'new church' built here, Duc In Altum, has a beautiful Atrium which is dedicated to all women. 'The Women's Atrium', for all women who stood and stand for the Divine Female Wisdom, in the present time and through history. With their creative Power, women have the ability to deliver new live, which is exactly what the baptismal font in the middle symbolises. We made the recording before the meaning of this Atrium was explained to us. We gave our recording the title: 'Ode to Mary Magdalene'. During our Harmonized Singing Father Eamon Kelly emerged from his office, filming us with a mobile he borrowed from a volunteer. Afterwards he took a lot of time to show us around personally, to guide us through the history of this amazing place at the shores of the Sea of Galilee. We are very fond of this new built centre, which we have included in our hearts. For more information about Magdala we gladly refer you to:

Women's Atrium (Duc in Altum at Magadala)

Nazareth (Home of Josef the Carpenter)


Not just any place to be… But the actual place where Mary, Josef, Jesus and his brothers and sisters lived. As usually a lot of attention goes towards Mary, Mary Magdalene and Jesus, we've made a recording at the site where Josef the Carpenter used to have his home and workshop. Under the church built on top of this site, on can visit the remains of this home where a beautiful mosaic has been placed, showing the household as it might have looked like. As an interesting detail, one hears the outside present street sounds, like children playing and honking car horns!! Talking about contrasts..

A little peek at Maria and Josef's household

Masada - Dead Sea (9-9-2019)


After and early climb up the Snake Path on Sept. 9th (portal day), we found ourselves on top of the mountain Masada. We won't go into what happened here some 1.000 years ago. At the bottom is an information centre and a beautiful museum. And Masada itself of course. If you ever happen to find yourself there, try to feel what resonates with you! On the harmonies of our voices, we'd like to take you to the remains of the Byzantine Church, with a beautiful mosaic on the floor. The voices in the background are from early visitors, wanting to witness sunrise on the top of Masada, as we were not the only ones that climbed up the mountain early to watch the sun emerge slowly from behind the clouds...

Mosaic floor in ruins of Byzantine Church
Reaching out…….

Belgium August 2019

Who would have thought that a week with the Children to the Ardennes Area around Dinant, would render so many beautiful recordings? Our recording device is part of our standard equipment these days, for when we are travelling; you never know when one might need it. But it was a real surprise for us to visit so many lovely places. We have certainly enforced our mission: "Spread Love and Light, so more people can live in Peace and Harmony". It is telling that this happened to coincide with the August 8th Lions Gate! Again we would like to share some of these recordings with you! (Please use ear phones for best quality).

Freyr Castle (Waulsort)


Just around the corner of our temporary accommodation in the small hamlet called Waulsort on the Maas, we found this beautiful castle Freyr. A beautifull Castle for a visit, even though restaurations were underway during our visit. The lovely and symmatrical gardens with very old orange trees are a joy to walk through. And out surprise was located at the very end of the garden. Attracted by two buildings, also being restored, the building on the right with number 5 pulled at me (Ellen). And for a reason! What tremendous acoustics! And as you are used from us: we present the unedited recordings, with twittering swallows, a workman walking in the gravel to check if he could continue his work and when you listen carefully you might hear the sounds of the restoration activities on the other building. When we were finished, the builders came back and continued with their work!

Freyr Castle, Waulsort

Maredret Abbey (near Maredous)


The Abbey of Maredsous is wel known for its delicious cheese and famous for its brewery. As we have had a tour around the premises a previous time, we decided to take a walk and see what the area around the Abbey had to offer. We were very surprised to find another Abbey, not at all as well known as Maredsous, within the direct vicinity! This abbey is called the Abbey of Maredret, and its beautiful church nigh invited us to enter. I (Ellen) excused myself at the entrance for wearing a sort skirt, as a priest was just emerging. He just nodded as a sign that it was OK. There was no-one in the church… The song above is dedicated to Maria. And Moses watched from above (a beautiful colored window) while I was singing.

Abdij kerk van Maredret

The Chevetogne Cloister (Chevetogne)


After a visit to Vêves Castle (Cinderella's Castle) we decided to take a tour in the surrounding area, as the weather wasn't to inviting. The name Chevetogne came up in my (Ellen's) head, time after time. Somewhere it rang a little bell, but I couldn't get it clear. So we had one option: to just go there. And that's how we ended up in Chevetogne. It appeared to be a Greek Orthodox Cloister where the priests still sing Byzanthian masses daily. Also here a beautiful Cloister with church, at a very special place in the middle of the forest. And again; we were alone in the church. There are two priests talking outside whom we asked if we were allowed to sing inside the church. "That's fine", they said, "as long as you leave the fresco's on the wall." They did have humor. To be sure: They are still there!  

The Chevetogne Cloister

Scotland July 2019

Our journey to Scotland, with a group consisting of individuals from all over the globe, certainly was one with a mission. A Divine Mission. To anchor the Female Energy even more on our Earth, in order for anyone to Feel, Experience and Balance the Christos-Sophia Energy. An intense journey, with a re-enforcing ceremony at the Callanish Stone Circle on Lewis Island. For us also a journey that enabled us to sound at several beautiful locations. On some of which spontaneous singing together occurred. We would like to offer some recordings of this for you to listen to. And as always, these are the pure recordings, with people passing by, people filming (some clips on YouTube), twittering birds, the rattling of crockery in the background, and on one even a bag piper's sound outside. Grateful for all the beautiful encounters, the harmonies that were allowed to appear and the co creating together. This is what it's all about in the New World. We gladly share two recordings of co-creation here, together with one with just the two of us in the St. Andrews Cathedral of Inverness.

Lews Castle (Lewis Island)  


We already recorded some of our Sounding in the beautiful music Hall of Lews Castle. Denise Chadwick stond te luisteren en vroeg of ze mee mocht zingen. Ze werd zo geraakt om mee te klanken en haar eigen Licht Taal te spreken en zingen dat wij haar van harte uitgenodigd hebben om dit ook te doen. Een short movie van een andere opname is ook te zien op Ellen's Facebook page. (tijdlijn juli 2019) Hieronder zie je op de bovenste foto de muziekzaal die nu als bibliotheek aangeduid staat. Hier werden vroeger de muzikanten geplaatst en het geluid werd zo prachtig de tegenoverliggende kamer ingebracht. Dit was en is nog steeds de Danszaal.

Muziek zaal


Dans zaal

Small Chapel next to Ion Abbey (Iona Island)


When we approached the Iona Abbey, I (Ellen) was 'called' to go the the small adjacent Chapel. On entering this Chapel we noticed a small group of 5 women singing. Short songs and it sounded beautifully. We asked them If we would be allowed to song or sound along. And we challenged them to use their own sound/voice, all without song book. A little bit of getting used to in the beginning, but a beautiful creation in the end! Even the birds twittered along!

Abdij van Iona

St Andrews Cathedral (Inverness)


While walking through this impressive Cathedral, we were challenged to sound here as well. There were however, several people praying, or just sitting in silence. At the entrance a hostess, normally offering general information, approached Paul, because of him wearing a Kilt. That was my queue to ask if we would be allowed to sound here. "But of course, because that's what this Church is meant for!!" And if we wanted to step onto the Altar, then that would be fine too! This Cathedral is a place where everything comes together and where much is possible. But please no bag-pipes in the Church! But, if you'll listen with earphones, you'll notice a bagpipe player outside in the background.

St. Andrews Cathedral in Inverness

Egypt November, 2019

Pyramid Codes (11-1-11) in the "King's Chamber" In the Great Pyramid of Cheops. (We were there on October 29th, 2018 = 11-1-11)


What Pure Luck to be allowed to BE and to Sound here. As a surprise for me, Paul had arranged a private session to the Great Pyramid during our journey through Egypt. He couldn't have given me a greater gift, nor himself! What we were allowed to do here and have done with our voices is AMAZING. Together with our guide Ahmed we went into the Pyramid for two hours, and sounded in the several chambers. The High of course was the Kings Chamber. What this chamber does with sound in general is simply overwhelming. (We explain this in great detail in our lectures about this Pyramid). We have published the recording we were allowed to make on our first CD: 'The Pyramid Codes'. Ahmed showed himself to own a beautiful voice as well and he joined us effortlessly in harmony. We gladly share the first recording we made here on our site (also to be found on SoundCloud). And as you are used to, we here present the pure recordings also. Let yourself be transported to Egypt and experience the Kings Chamber from your heart.

Piramides op het plateau van Gizeh

Dashour Pyramid (Egypt Journey) November 2018


Our special Journey through Egypt has brought us to many sacred locations. On any of these we were allowed to sound, which we did! The main item for us was two hours of private time in the Great Pyramid of Cheops, one hour of which in the Kings Chamber. The recordings will be released shortly!!
However, we would like to share some other recording with you. One of which is in the Pyramid of Dashour, well worth a visit, although less wel known and therefore less visited. During the recording you'll hear people descending stairs from higher places within the Pyramid.

Piramide van Dashour

Temple of Nefertari in Abu Simbel (Egypt Journey) November 2018


Daarnaast willen wij de opname in de tempel van Nefertari in Abu Simbel met jullie delen. Geniet ook van het vogeltje wat ons begeleid en de enige toerist die er met ons was, die lekker zijn foto’s aan het maken was.

Tempel van Nefertari

11-11-11 Portal Day (Egypt Journey) November 2018


Niet geheel toevallig viel de 11-11-11 portaaldag in deze rondreis en natuurlijk hebben we daar gebruik van gemaakt. Gewoon in hal van ons hotel in Queseir, aan de Rode Zee, waar we op dat moment zaten. Wij werden helemaal vrolijk wanneer we al zingend door de verschillende gangen liepen, op weg naar onze hotelkamer.

Amorgos (Cycladen Griekse eilanden ) september 2018


Onze reis over de Cycladen eilanden in Griekenland heeft ons geleid naar verschillende eilanden en plaatsen. We zijn op meerdere fronten aangenaam verrast door de mogelijkheden die ons geboden werden om te mogen klanken en zingen op bijzondere, heilige en krachtige plekken. Graag delen wij de opname die wij mochten maken op 9-9-2018 (11) in het Hozoviatissa klooster op Amorgos. Een ‘streng’ klooster gebouwd in de rotswand zo’n 300 meter boven de zee. Een gebouw van acht verdiepingen hoog. In zijn geheel gewijd aan de Black Madonna. De man van de beveiliging liet ons zien dat er speciaal in de wanden gaten waren gemaakt om zo een nog betere akoestiek te krijgen. Wij werden zelf erg geraakt door hetgeen wij hier hebben mogen doen. Ook hier hoor je de pure opname, met het prachtige ‘excellent’, van het hoofd van de beveiliging als afsluiting. Nadien wilde hij heel graag met ons op de foto!!
Wie weet kom je ons nog ergens tegen op Instagram of Facebook. Zo mooi is het om ‘Lichtwerk’ te mogen doen. Het verspreid zich vanzelf.

Hozoviatissa Klooster op Amorgos

Vezelay (Frankrijk) maart 2018


Op de prachtige portaaldag 3-3-2018 (11) werden wij naar de basiliek van Maria Magdalena in Vezelay (Frankrijk) geleid.
En daar in de crypte, in afstemming met de Bron, ontstonden deze klanken. Graag maken wij jullie er deelgenoot van. Laat de klanken (met je oordopjes in) tot je komen en ervaar de energie van deze bijzondere plaats.

Basiliek Maria Magdalena in Vezeley