Sound Healing

Sounds having a healing effect is a century-old fact. Pythagoras said: "Everything is vibration. Everything, the whole universe constantly sings a song". Before birth, still in our mothers womb, our mothers already sang for us. Intuitively, just based on feeling, the love for the unborn child. Also, when as babies, we had trouble falling asleep, our mothers sang for us, again. It is the most natural form of healing, and we al carry the tool. It's just that most of us don't dare to use this tool, our own voice. And that while we are carrying this most beautiful healing instrument.

If you investigate and realize that everything is vibration, also our own body, consisting of about two-thirds of water, can you imagine what happens when you experience the healing properties of sound. Prof. Emoto wrote wonderful articles on the subject of sound and vibration and what that does to your body and to crystals. Long ago, in the time of Atlantis and Lemur, we already worked this way, with sounds, vibrations. Fortunately more and more old sounds return and it won't be long before healing with sound will be amongst the best approaches for healing.

We, Paul and Ellen, are convinced that our own unique voices have healing properties for ourselves and for others. We gladly invite you to join us one evening to make sound together. And if that's just a tiny bit to scary, then come, just listen and experience.

Singing is Healthy.
Cause Worrying and Singing don't go together.