Sungate Peru Sacred Journey – September 2019

Deze reis staat gepland voor september 2019 en wordt uitgevoerd door de reis-organisatie Sungate, waarbij wij ondersteunen. Vanuit eigen ervaring kunnen we het spirituele niveau van deze organisatie zeer van harte aanbevelen. De voertaal zal engels zijn, en wij zijn natuurlijk altijd bij de hand om te vertalen, indien nodig.

Join us on this incredible journey to the sacred sites of the Peruvian Andes to learn from the esoteric teachings of Andean mysticism in the spiritual tradition of the Inca through gifted guides sharing teachings of the ancient mysteries, while navigating the inner / outer planes of existence in a tour group operated with absolute integrity, high vibrations, heart-centered awareness and professionalism.

Our team includes indigenous Peruvian elder and esoteric spiritual guide Willaru Huayta, native Peruvian medicine man Enzo Trosso, and Egyptian Mystery School Adept, Sungate founder Ahmed El Feqy & Yoga / Meditation Instructor Gudrun Meincke.

Day 1: Arrival into the Sacred Valley

Landing in Cusco Airport. Transfer by shuttle bus (1 hour) to Pisaq village where we stay at the entrance of the Sacred Valley. Check in guest house. Relax and unwind from the trip. Pisaq is a beautiful small village at the foot of the mountain where the Inka Temple is located marking the entrance into the Sacred Valley. This will be the base of our journey for the first week. The altitude is 2,972m and there is plenty of nature and beautiful trails to enjoy.

Day 2: Pisaq

It takes a couple of days to acclimatize to the altitude so we will be taking it easy with no serious hikes at the beginning. Just a short walk exploring the small village at the foot of the mountain where the Inka Temple is located. We will visit the Intihuatana temple later on the following day.

First we will get acquainted with this small town of Pisaq, visit the market, get oriented, and enjoy ourselves in nature. In the evening we will have a traditional Mama Coca and Despacho offering ceremony to set our intention for the trip and make a traditional prayer to the Divine Father & Mother Energies represented through the Apus (Divine Masculine, Great Spirit, Mountaintops) and Pachamama (Cosmic Mother, Divine Feminine, Earth).

The Coca leaf is considered the most sacred plant in the Andes, a great teacher and exquisite medicine for purification and connection. We will utilize it in prayer to make a traditional symbolic mandala offering and then offer it to the fire and burry its ashes in the Earth. Our local medicine man and dear brother will facilitate the ceremony in a traditional manner.

Day 3: Cusco Saqsaywaman Temple

Cusco means the belly button of the world, specifically the Andes. It is the capital city of the Inkas located about an hour away from Pisaq at the altitude of 3,399m. The main temple is Saqsaywaman where their masterful masonry is displayed through the giant rocks infused together with the natural habitat revealing how close the Inkas were to their environment and spirit of nature. It used to be a fortress as well as ceremonial center holding many mysteries, gateways, caves and tunnels.

We will learn about Andean Cosmology, Ascended Masters, the Mysticism of the Inkas and the spirituality of the land. Our native guide Willaru Huayta will be sharing his messages and experience with us. Revealing more of the esoteric nature and spiritual meaning behind this all.

This is a great opportunity to take a walk in nature and explore by yourself. Connect deeper with the land and its mysteries. Saqsaywaman is located in the mountains just above Cusco. It is really beautiful and relatively quiet. You will capture views of the city from above.

After the visit we will drive down to the city to dine together and explore a little then return to our home base in Pisaq.

Day 4 Maras & Moray

Moray is a mysterious ceremonial site of concentric rings that go into the Earth. There are three sets of them with varying sizes, the first is dedicated to the Cosmic Father, second to the Cosmic Mother and third to the Cosmic Child. We will visit all three and walk through them. The center of each has some really potent energies that will be felt and worked with. This is an activation in itself. According to the esoteric tradition, these concentric rings were created as energy centers to harmonize the energies on the planet and assist its healing during a previous age.

On the way back we will visit the salt mines of Maras where a hot spring is used to extract salt from the water since the time of the Inka. This is about an hour and thirty minutes’ drive from Pisaq where we will be returning for a relaxed evening and lovely group dinner.

Day 5: Pisaq Temple & Mountain Hike

A beautiful Inka site is located on the mountain top just above Pisaq. We will visit by car to enter from above. Explore the site and take our time hiking all day in this magnificent beauty and make our way down back into the village. There will be magnificent and breathtaking views of the Sacred Valley from above. We will get acquainted with the Inka ways of living, connect with the Apu and visit the Intihuatana Sun Temple. It is optional to return by car if there is no desire to hike your way down. However, it is a really special journey and you will miss a lot if you choose the easy way. Pisaq sits at the entrance of the Sacred Valley which leads to various villages, ancient temples all the way into the rainforest to Machu Picchu. We will be eventually making our way there and visiting all the important sites along the way to Machu Picchu during the first week of the journey.

Day 6: Ollantaytambo Temple and Aguas Calientes

One of the oldest places in the Sacred Valley is the temple of Ollantaytambo. The whole town is a sort of a fortress and the temple is where the mystic arts were practiced. We will explore the spiritual energies at this temple and delve into the Mysteries further with our native guide, Willaru.

It is about an hour and half ride from Pisaq to Ollantaytambo. We will pack the night before our small carry ons or backpacks for a 3 day trip to Machu Picchu and leave the rest of our luggage in storage at the guest house in Pisaq where we will be returning later after this wonderful adventure. Leaving early in the morning by private shuttle to Ollantaytambo, visit the temple, have lunch and then take the train to Aguas Calientes where we will be staying the night in this cute little town that can only be reached by train or hiking. It is located by the wild river at the base of the magnificent Machu Picchu Sanctuary in the mountain forest.

Day 7: Machu Picchu Sanctuary

Visiting Machu Picchu is definitely one of the major highlights of this trip. The ancient Machu Picchu Sanctuary cannot be described with words. Built on a Serpentine mountain with crystalline formations, at a very sensitive energy vortex on planet Earth, the point where the Andes meet the jungle, and is linked to the major energy center at Lake Titicaca. This green magical temple is filled with Spirit, energy, mystery and power. It has a tremendous spiritual value and nature that will touch each and every one of us. Possibly activating a memory of how it used to be and what is possible to create when our Consciousness is aligned with Nature.

Back then it was a great privilege to enter this sanctuary. It was a pilgrimage site and High Priestess Sanctuary. The Machu Picchu peek is the Mountain Guardian representing the Masculine Spirit. The Huayna Picchu Peek is the Temple space representing the Feminine Spirit.
The Sungate (Inti Punku) is the point of entrance from above when you arrive through the traditional Inka Trail. The altitude of the sanctuary is 2,430m.

We will be ascending the mountain early in the morning by bus to save our energies for the all day hike to the Huayna Picchu peek at 2,720m. Only 400 tickets are available daily for this hike. It is not an easy hike but it is safe, magnificent, magical and rewarding. We will enter the sanctuary early in the morning and make our way to the Huayna Picchu trail. On this trail we will spend most of the day. First we will visit the Huchuy Picchu small baby peek on the way, which is a powerful ceremonial spot and sensitive energetic point located in the middle of the sanctuary between the two peeks (good spot for meditation). Then we will continue and journey up to the Huayna Picchu peek and this will take about an hour and thirty minutes. We will sit on the sacred rocks at the top of the peek to connect and rest. There are some powerful Leylines with strong energies going through this spot. We will tune in to absorb and work with this energy. Then make our way down from the back of the mountain on a different trail to visit the Moon Temple and Great Cave which goes all the way down closer to the river and is one of the most sacred spots in this whole sanctuary.

Of course the whole sanctuary is sacred and filled with Mystery and Power. Everywhere we go we will feel a sense of wonder with strong connection and Presence of Spirit. There is a deep communication and Communion on the inner realms when you tune in, you can learn a lot from this pilgrimage. This was once a gate to other places above and below. Connected to the Ascended Masters and the White Lodge. Also the Star Nation. There are huge meteorites situated inside the Grand Cavern. And what looks like a gateway that was sealed at the Moon Temple that leads into the mountain. A strong energy and Presence is deeply felt at these locations.

We will take our time visiting, meditating and connecting. Then make our way up again to the intersection with the trail where we first started to end up inside the center of the ancient sanctuary of Machu Picchu and visit the rest of it as we make our way back to the , entrance gate where we started, which closes at 5pm.

There is a cafeteria and bathroom outside at the gate but inside during this trip you have to be prepared for the whole day hike with enough water, snacks, fruit, sun protection, hat and rain cover, poncho or umbrella if and when needed. This trip is not happening during rainy season so most likely it will be more sunny than cloudy. But still, this is the crystal city above the clouds where the morning mist floats through the air adding a mystic flavor that communicates deeply to your Soul and the weather can shift quickly from hot to chilly depending on where you are and which time of the day. Be prepared with light sporty hiking clothes and shoes with a light jacket or vest and sun hat. After our visit we will return by bus to Aguas Calientes to shower, rest, get some food and spend the night.

Day 8: Return to Pisaq

We will catch an early train in the morning from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo and then take our shuttle bus back to Pisaq where we will be staying for the night before we transition to Lake Titicaca. The train is about 2.5 hours and Bus is 1.5 hours. We can have lunch in between.

Day 9: Relaxation and Lake Titicaca

We will be deep in it. There will be a lot to share at this point. It is good to pace ourselves and have time for quiet reflection in nature. Take care of ourselves and our needs. Perhaps visit the local market and get some beautiful artwork, textiles, jewelry, crystals, etc. Pisaq is famous for its local artisan market that is setup every day at the main Plaza de Armas. Some specialized shops for Silver and gold jewelry with Inka symbolism, crystals of various sizes, shapes, properties and colors, meteorites, staffs, feathers, musical instruments, flutes, drums, charango, paintings, art work, and beautiful textiles from Shipibo patterns to Andean ponchos, even old artifacts are found at the right places. It is definitely worth exploring.

We will take it easy for the morning to recalibrate and prepare for our bus trip after lunch to Lake Titicaca (3,812m), birth place of the Inka Creation story.

Day 10 & 11: Amantani Island

Today we will visit the Amantani Island by boat to explore the island, visit the temples and stay with the locals in their guest houses where we will spend the night. We will hike to the Pre-Inka Pachamama and Pachataita Temples on top of the island at the two highest points. The view from there is breathtaking. We will also visit the floating islands of Uros and see how people live there, making their homes and boats from the same reed plant material of the floating island itself. The following day will be an open day to relax and explore the island.

Day 12: Return to Cusco

We will be making our way back from the island to Puno and then to Cusco by bus to catch our return flights home.

Peru is filled with mysteries and spiritual power. Nurturing gifts for seekers of truth. Perfect for connecting with living and ancient spiritual traditions and cultures. Connecting deeper with Nature and relation of oneself to the Cosmos. Experiencing the Earths resonance with the stars and Ascended Humanity. Civilizations that existed before and still exist now on the higher dimensions. This is why it is a gateway for Ascension and Remembrance.

Much Love, Gratitude & Respect. Thank you!

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Vanuit Diamanten Licht en Onvoorwaardelijke Liefde,
Diamond Souls.

Paul en Ellen